Leung, Ching Wan (Gigi)

Leung, Ching Wan (Gigi) 梁靜韻


Leung Ching Wan, Gigi graduated from Goldsmiths University of London and obtained a Master's degreein Art Psychotherapy. She is a registered Art Therapist in the United Kingdom and a professional memberof the British and Hong Kong Art Therapist Associations. 

Gigi has worked as an art therapist at Clarendon SEN School, London, and the Women's Mental HealthShelter, London Cyrenians, dedicated to helping individuals from diverse backgrounds and needs. Locally,she has provided one-on-one and group art therapy services for children with conditions like Asperger'ssyndrome, autism, ADHD, victims of bullying, including both the bullies and the bullied, survivors ofdomestic violence and sexual assault, bereaved individuals, minorities, individuals with mental illnesses,and those struggling with alcoholism. 

In 2018, Gigi and documentary director Wong Siu Pong founded Not a Gallery Studio in Hong Kong. Thestudio focuses on providing various therapies for children with special learning needs, low self-esteemadolescents, people with disabilities, emotionally distressed adults, and the elderly. They also publishedbooks and journals to promote emotional education. In 2020, the duo opened the SINCE Concept Store,Hong Kong's first store themed around mental health and documentaries. The store offers selectedbooks, cards, and other products to facilitate emotional expression, enhance communication, promoteself-discovery, and curates documentaries from around the world, emphasizing end-of-life education andthe rights of rare disease patients. 

The store regularly organizes lectures and art therapy workshops to assist participants in emotionalmaturity, improving interpersonal relationships, and achieving psychological well-being.

Publication: "The Forgotton OH! - Emotional First Aid Kit" 2021, "OH! What about me? - Family First AidKit" 2023


梁靜韻畢業於英國倫敦大學皇家金匠學院(Goldsmiths University of London),獲得藝術心理治療碩士學位。她為英國註冊藝術治療師,英國及香港藝術治療師協會專業會員。

梁靜韻曾在英國特殊學校(Clarendon SEN School, London)和婦女精神庇護中心(London Cyrenians)擔任藝術治療師,致力幫助不同背景和需求的人。她在當地曾為亞氏保加症、自閉症、過度活躍症等兒童,校園欺凌者及其受害者、以及家暴及性侵倖存者、喪親人士、少數族裔、精神病患者、酗酒人士等提供一對一和藝術治療小組服務。

梁靜韻與紀錄片導演黃肇邦2018年於香港創立Not a Gallery Studio。工作室針對有特殊學習需要的兒童、低自尊青少年、殘疾人士、受情緒困擾成人及老人,提供各式治療,出版書籍和記事簿,藉此普及情感教育。2020年,二人開設SINCE Concept Store,這是香港首間以精神健康和紀錄片為主題的選物店。店鋪提供精選書籍和卡牌等產品,協助情緒疏導、促進溝通,幫助用家發掘自我,同時搜羅世界各地人文關懷類別紀錄片,關注生死教育和罕見病患者的權益。


出版書籍:《噢 !不見了 - 情緒急救包》2021、《噢 !分開了 - 家庭急救包》2023


English, Cantonese, Putonghua


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